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Dorsía Smith Silva and Jamila Lyn


We are seeking submissions for an edited collection on

Civic Education

Editors: Dorsía Smith Silva and Jamila Lyn
Publication Date: 2012

This anthology will examine civic education from a broad,
interdisciplinary perspective. We welcome submissions that explore the civic education process, especially in regard to theory, policy, and practice. Further, we encourage writing that 1) represents how educators can foster students' social activism and work toward social justice; 2) addresses models which redefine civic education instruction, relationships which create partnerships between schools and communities, perspectives of educators who change social beliefs and value systems to build citizenship; 3) addresses relationships between educators and parents who introduce civic responsibility to
students; and 4) examines representations of civic education from historical, sociological, philosophical, political, economic, ethical, cultural, and media perspectives. This incorporation of a variety of
disciplines and methodologies will address how civic education plays a vital role in creating citizens who are committed to creating a morally and socially responsible society and focus on how educators
can effectively encourage the development of informed citizens.
The aim of this volume is to foster work on civic education that integrates the disciplines of pedagogy, history, and cultural analysis as well as represent the significance of the relationship between
civic education, community, and the world. We hope to include a range of academic writing and some narrative essays.

Topics can include (but are not limited to):

• pedagogical methods to create engaged students and connect to the community and world
• partnerships between college and community
• techniques to encourage faculty and staff development to engage students in the community
• service projects in courses and volunteer projects organized by students
• internships and research projects developing from the curriculum
• international service and research projects
• measuring and testing the effectiveness in engaging students and educating citizens
• tools for institutions to promote civic education
• role of technology to nurture civic education of students

Submission Guidelines:

Please include a 50-word biography.
Papers of 4000-5000 words (15-20 pages) (includes notes and sources) will be due by March 31, 2011 and should conform to the Modern Language Association style.
Please send submissions and inquiries directly to both: Dorsía Smith Silva and Jamila Lyn at civiceducationproject@gmail.com