1st Global Conference on Music and Mental Health

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Global Research Studies

1st Global Conference on Music and Mental Health

The Embassy Suites - St. Charles/St. Louis, MO
August 5-7, 2011, St. Louis, MO

"Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness." Maya Angelou - Gather Together in My Name

It has been said that music is what feelings sound like. Music is powerful and yet soothing; it brings joy to the masses and provokes emotion. It is the goal of Global Research Studies to explore the realm of music and its effects upon emotion and feelings. We wish to delve further into the study of music and lyrics upon youth and the changing feelings of people as they age in relation to their music choices.

Research Areas of Exploration

Global Research Studies wishes to explore the following themes in relation to Music and Mental Health:

Volume and emotion
Gender Qualities of Music
Genres and Cultural Effects
Political discourse and recourse
Sound / hearing studies
Music and Fashion
Heavy Metal Music and Culture
Music's Effects on Mood
Lyrical Studies
Literary Studies of Music
Media and Social Networking Promotion
Hopes / Dreams of Young Musicians
Mental Health and Music
Music and Suicidal Relationships
These areas are the basic areas that we are seeking to conduct research, but will consider other areas of exploration for this or additional research groups for the future.

To begin research in any of these areas, submit your 200-400 word abstract to mmh2011@globalresearchstudies.com.

Submission of your abstract shows intent to attend the upcoming conference where you will share your ideas about this study with others that are too conducting related studies in the areas mentioned above.

Please read the How We Work page to get a full understanding of submitting abstracts, attending conferences, conducting research, and publishing of the conference proceedings.