Call for Papers: Re-Imagining Genre - PNRS Annual Meeting 2011 - 10/20-22, 2011 - Spokane, WA

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Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society
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Pacific Northwest Renaissance Conference: Reimagining Genre
Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA
October 20-22, 2011

Sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society and Gonzaga University.
Plenary speakers will be announced.

"The best actors in the world, either for tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical,
historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral, scene individable, or poem unlimited…"

As Polonius' description of the range of offerings available on the stage indicates, reimagining genre is central to the early modern. The period is one of enormous generic fluidity: authors experimented with old genres, created new combinations, and even established new genres. As well, in Renaissance studies we are in a moment when the idea of genre as a useful theoretical tool is under renewed consideration. We invite one-page abstracts, session, and roundtable proposals that address some aspect of these ways of "reimagining genre."
Proposals welcomed from any area of Renaissance Studies, including art, history, literature, music, philosophy, science, and theology. Submissions particularly invited on these topics:
Genre and Classical Inheritance
Genre and Renaissance innovation
Renaissance Generic Fluidity
Defining/Redefining Renaissance genres, such as prose, poetry, and the epic.
The birth of new genres: the chronicle play, the Romance, etc.
Genre and Teaching Renaissance Literature
Genre and Technology
Genre (and) Theory
The state of formalism in Renaissance Studies

Deadline for submission of one-page abstracts, session, and roundtable
proposals: May 1, 2011. Please be sure to include professional affiliation, address, phone
number, and e-mail address with each abstract, whether submitted
individually or as part of a session/roundtable proposal. E-mail
submissions are welcome.
Send inquiries, abstracts, session, and roundtable proposals to:
Heather C. Easterling ( or Linda Tredennick (, Department of English/ Box AD 18; Gonzaga University E. 502 Boone; Spokane, WA 99258