Conference on 'Systems of Innovation and the New role of Universities' (COSINUS); Bristol, UK – 5-6 September 2011

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Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.
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Conference on 'Systems of Innovation and the
New role of Universities' (COSINUS)

Bristol, UK – 5-6 September 2011

An interdisciplinary conference focusing on the new role of Universities in the System of Innovation to be hosted by the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

Conference Theme:
Building, Managing and Supporting Universities for High Innovation, Economy and Social Impacts.



The 21st Century is witnessing an increased drive for universities to play a crucial role in the development of the knowledge economy. This is in keeping with the growing pressure on countries, both developed and developing, to adjust to the rapid pace of globalisation through initiatives promoting innovation and competitiveness as a pathway for sustainable competitiveness.

The conference addresses this global concern by focusing on issues relating to capacity building in and management and support of higher education institutions in ways that would enhance the wellbeing of society, the competitiveness of the economy and the sustainability of the environment with respect to specific country circumstances. The aim is unravel the unique role of universities in innovation systems both in theory and in practice and identify in this context their social and economic impacts at macro (national/regional), meso (institutional) and micro (individual enterprise) levels.

The Conference will provide a forum for knowledge exchange and knowledge sharing among stakeholders in higher education, including academics, university/college management personnel, planners and policy makers, and funding agencies. It will also showcase, through research findings, best practice in the orientation and management of higher education institutions as principal agents of knowledge production, research and development, and innovation.
The conference invites participants with expertise and experience from higher education, industry and policy circles. Young researchers and PhD students from different disciplinary studies are also encouraged to participate.

Specific Themes to be addressed

The following are suggested as sub-themes, but are not exclusive:

• National/Regional level of analysis: Creating supportive environment or policy to develop effective universities for high innovation, economy & social impact (e.g. Effective policy for university-Industry links; funding of university education and research; Research priorities and management of research; Measuring university impact on the economy and society; Impact of university on small business and local development; Industry experiences with respect to university collaboration and knowledge exchange schemes, etc.)
• Institutional level of analysis:
Managing effective and sustainable university and higher education research organizations (e.g. Best practice in the management of university research; Key determinants of successful university department in research and innovation, etc.)
• Individual/enterprise level of analysis: Getting and providing value to support high innovation impact universities (e.g. Motivating academic staff; Becoming successful academic entrepreneurs; Developing entrepreneurial skills of research staffs, etc.)

Proposals for specific parallel themes and workshops of relevant interest will be considered.

Further information about the conference will be available on:

Prof. Mohammed Saad
Bristol Business School

Organizing Committee:
Prof. John Kirkland
Assoc. of Commonwealth Universities

Dr. Girma Zawdie
University of Strathclyde

Dr. Surya Mahdi
Bristol Business School

Dr. Surja Datta
Oxford Brookes University

University of the West of England,
Bristol Business School,
Executive Education Building,
UWE Frenchay Campus,
Coldharbour Lane,
BS16 1QY,
The United Kingdom.

Call for Conference Papers: Oct.2010

Submission of Session Proposals: 31 March. 2011

Submission of Extended Abstracts: 30 May 2011

Notification of Acceptance: 30 June 2011

Early Registration: 1 Apr. – 15 July 2011

Submission of Full Papers (for inclusion in the publications on: Webpage, Proceeding, Book and Special Issues): 1 Aug. 2011

Dr. Surya Mahdi