Poetry as a Constructive Force in Multi-Ethnic American Literatures (SAMLA MELUS session November 4-6, 2011)

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Amanda M. Lawrence/Young Harris College
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In keeping with the 2011 SAMLA convention theme, "The Power of Poetry in the Modern World," the MELUS panel seeks papers examining poetry as a constructive force in multi-ethnic literatures of the United States. Topics may include but are not limited to poetry as a political tool, poetry as a means of overcoming cultural divide, poetry as an expression of ethnic identity, and reading or writing poetry in the multi-ethnic literature classroom. Please send 250 word abstracts and contact information to Dr. Amanda Lawrence at alawrence@yhc.edu by April 15, 2011. Panelists will be notified via email by May 1, 2011. Selected panelists must meet all registration and membership deadlines for the 2011 SAMLA convention and be members of MELUS by the time of their presentation.