[Update] Singapore - The Contemporary - June 24th-26th, 2011

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Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
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The Contemporary
An International Conference of Literature and the Arts

June 24th-26th 2011
Division of English
College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

A conference co-organised and supported by the Division of English (School of Humanities & Social Sciences) & the Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), NTU.

Main Speakers:

Shirley Chew
Iftikhar Dadi
Reed Dasenbrock
Keith Hopper
Brian Richardson
Lisa Samuels
Ronald Schleifer

When we speak of the contemporary, do we speak of an age of parody, of irony, of globalization (or glocalization), of an ever-expanding modernity or a fractured coalescence of all of these conceptual frames, and many others? Do terms like the avant garde, postcolonialism, and postmodernism, continue to possess critical currency? Is it possible to even designate a work of literature or art as contemporary? In addition to signifying the present, the contemporary is also arguably a loose conceptual term rather than a critical frame, a nominal gesture towards naming an immensity of voices and images.

We invite papers that critically engage and rethink any aspect of the contemporary, including individual treatments of writers, artists, film-makers, and relevant theorists (or theories) that have left their fingerprints on 'contemporary' literature and the Arts, and that have, in turn, generated an impact on how we conceive of the contemporary in critical terms. We would also welcome analyses of specific texts/films/artworks that engage with contemporary social, political or cultural issues.

We invite papers and proposals for panels (of 3-4 papers). Suggested topics include, but are not restricted to, the following:

• Contemporary Narrative forms
• Contemporary Asia/Asian Studies
• Postmodernism & Beyond
• Postcolonialism & Beyond
• Science, Culture and Art
• Contemporary Theory
• Contemporary Visual Arts and Media
• Contemporary Adaptations and Re-imaginings
• Gender & Sexuality
• Aesthetics/The New Aesthetics/Neo Formalism
• Contemporary Poetics
• Philosophy and Literature

*Flann O'Brien Centenary Symposium: On the occasion of his centenary year (2011) and in acknowledgement of the extraordinary influence of Flann O'Brien's work on postmodernism, avant garde fiction, metafiction, and innovative fiction in general, the contemporary conference will feature a colloquium on the work of Flann O'Brien. Over the past two decades, the central importance of Flann O'Brien's work has been repeatedly acknowledged in critical circles, and has been demonstrated by its continued presence on university syllabi. Many major literary critics have increasingly emphasized O'Brien's unique position in the history of fiction and, as a result, new generations of readers and critics of O'Brien have turned their attention to his work. Delegates interested to present a paper can send their abstracts to the main conference website.

*Graduate students are welcome to submit abstracts.

Please send abstracts of 300 words and a brief bio of approx 50 words, by email to contemporary@ntu.edu.sg by March 16th, 2011. Further information will soon be available at our conference website: http://portal.hss.ntu.edu.sg/english/thecontemporary.asp

Organizers: Division of English, NTU, Singapore & The Centre for Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, NTU, Singapore.