[UPDATE] Posthumanism and Poetry, MLA 2012 (January 5-8, 2012; Seattle)

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Special Session (subject to MLA approval)
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Seeking papers that address thematic, critical or ideological intersections between posthumanism and poetry; including interspecies relationships, transhumanism, the making and unmaking of the humanist subject, embodiment, and encounters with animal or machine.

Potential topics include discussions of poetries that call into question liberal humanist values, analysis of poetries that incorporate technology into form or presentation, poetries that reflect concepts of the posthuman as put forth by Katherine Hayles, Donna Haraway, Rosi Braidotti, Cary Wolfe, Judith Butler, etc.

Discussions of poetry from any time period or national language welcome.
Please send 300-word abstract and brief CV to T.J. Welch by March 5, 2011.