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Steen Christiansen
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As the boundaries between cultures and cultural practices become increasingly more permeable, the need to study, explain and analyze such phenomena only becomes greater. Transgressions and transgressive practices have often been at the forefront of seeking out and pointing to the presence of boundaries, whether we look at aesthetic practices, social conventions or national borders.

On the one hand, then, transgressions move beyond boundaries and easy categorization, usually in order to disrupt cultural order or question cultural, social or national divisions. Conceptual blurring is thus a key aspect of transgression.

On the other hand, by indicating that something is transgressive, we have already established a boundary or line which has been crossed. In this paradoxical way, as Bataille points out, the transgressive helps us reaffirm cultural order by designating what is abject. Transgression thus helps us define borders, making them clearer and more visible.

We invite papers that investigate this double movement of the transgressive, while also leaving room for papers which engage critically with transgressive practices of any kind.

We welcome all forms of cultural analysis, whether of a historical, sociological, philosophical or aesthetic variety, although we do expect the volume to have a focus on topics related to the 20th or 21st century. We also expect contributions to be informed of current discussions of transgressions and critical theories of the transgressive.

Suggestion for articles
Suggestion for articles, including an abstract of 150 words to be mailed to Steen Christiansen and Charlie Blake no later than April 15th. Accepted articles – using the Harvard System Style Sheet – to be mailed to the editors no later than August 1st. Articles will then be reviewed anonymously. The articles should be around 15,000-25.000 keystrokes.

The issue will be published in the fall of 2011 at Academic Quarter.