Generations. Themed Issue.

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LiNQ Literature in North Queensland
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Society is in the balance a significant generational flux. As the baby boomers face retirement—sandwiched between caring for their elderly parents and encouraging their adult children to leave the nest, Gen X, now at the helm with Gen Y biting at their heals close behind, is rapidly resisting its entry into middle-age. In the last American election, this generational transition played a key role in electing Barrack Obama, and in the rest of the world as Twitter Revolutions unfold, the significance of this demographic shift is yet to be fully understood.

What does this generational transition mean for society, literature, and culture right now throughout the world? Our new issue of LiNQ calls for scholarly articles, creative fiction and non-fiction, essays, poems and book reviews that consider in some way this theme of "generations." How do the generations view key social issues differently and what are their shared views on issues such as women's rights, abortion, religion, politics, marriage, sexuality, the environment, and more?

Please inquire and submit by July 1, 2011 at