Hannah Arendt and Innovations in Modern American Literature (MSA 13 Oct. 6- 9, 2011)

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Modernist Studies Association Conference

Hannah Arendt's body of work has grappled with many issues now characterized as distinctly modern: life politics, humanism, states of exception, human rights, and identity politics. In 1941 she moved to the United States and her political theory has left a lasting impression on not only American philosophy and politics but on other cultural productions, including literature. This panel seeks papers that engage any aspect of Arendt's political theories and their circulation—either directly or indirectly—in modern American literature and culture.

Please submit a 300-word abstract by April 1, 2011 to karen.weingarten@qc.cuny.edu.

The 2013 Modernist Studies Conference will be in Buffalo, NY from October 6- 9, 2011.