Tantalising Alice: A Children's Classic And Its Adaptations (31. June 2011)

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Dr Sissy Helff (Frankfurt University)

Tantalising Alice
A Children's Classic And Its Adaptations
Edited by
Sissy Helff (University of Frankfurt)

Lewis Carroll's fantastic story Alice in Wonderland (1865) is considered a children's classic all around the world. It might be due to the book's miraculous setting and its vividly portrayed characters that Alice and the White Rabbit have found and still find their way into the bedrooms of our very young and of those grown-ups who still enjoy being intrigued by Alice's magical world. The great many variations of the Alice in Wonderland fantasy circulating in an increasingly globalised memory market bring home to us that some stories obviously never reach an expiry date. Such an observation confirms what Paula Hamilton and Graham Huggan have postulated for folk legends, namely that the many interpretations of old stories point not just to the durability of a legend or tale, but also to its continuing profitability as a global fantasy circulating within an increasingly globalised cultural industry. Following this train of thought, this collection of articles seeks to scrutinize adoptions of Lewis Carroll's classic in literature, comics, film, theatre, musicals, paintings and video games from around the world.

Contributions are invited on but not limited to the following topics:

0. Adapting Alice (Theory and Practice of rewriting, mixing and adapting a classic)
1. Alice in film (such as Tim Burton's recent film fantasy etc.)
2. Alice on Stage (such as Susan Sontag's Alice in Bed etc.)
3. Alice and the Fine Arts (as such Charles Blackman's Alice series etc.)
4. Alice Poetry (such as Dorothy Hewett's Alice in Wormland etc.)
5. Alice in Literature (such as the children's book Alice in Rainforest Land by Nadine Amadio or Suneeta Peres da Costa's novel Homework etc.)
6. Alice Picture Books or Comics
7. Alice Cartoons (such as Betty in Blunderland, (1933) dir. by Dave Fleischer etc.)
8. Alice Video Games (such as American McGee's Alice etc.)
9. Alice Songs

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