Poetry and the Material World

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University College Falmouth - English

Essays are solicited for a growing anthology entitled Poetry and the Real.

Poetic texts, like other texts are produced and consumed in a material context, through a network of material relationship in culture. Like other texts, poetic material mediates ideological relationships. Yet for the greater part of its history poetry and its creation have been treated in critical modes often radically separate from those we use to treat fiction. The language poetry intervention was based on the notion that language was material/ideological and that radical interventions at the level of language were thus potentially transformative. Yet these texts are consumed and criticised in rarified spaces by small elites. We invite essays that address poetry from Cultural Materialist or other materially embedded standpoints; essays that look at poetry in the context of its production and consumption; work which examines poetry and ideology; work on poetry and the body; work on poetry and popular culture; and other related interventions.

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