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Craig N. Owens, Drake University
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WANTED: 500-word abstracts proposing essays critically examining the emergence of micro-identities in contemporary popular culture for inclusion in the about-to-be proposed collection of scholarly essays Micro-Identities.

What is a micro-identity, you ask? It's not Cartesian, for sure, and it's not the usual po-mo "multiple subject positions" thing either. It's neither the split subject of psychoanalysis nor the schizo-subject of rhizomic logic. It's certainly not one of the new authenticities of race, class, gender, sex, culture, history, and memory that have emerged as a reaction to all of the above in the last thirty years. It's not even quite a subjectivity or a subject position in the first place: it's smaller, more contingent, temporary, situational, playful and forgetful.

Essays on the following topics are no longer needed: Lady Gaga, Glee, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, Oprah Winfrey, celebrity, South-African rap and experimental music. Proposals for essays on any other topic related to micro-identity in contemporary popular culture are welcome.

Of particular need: Essays on reality competition television (Top Chef, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, and the like); contemporary fiction and poetry, and in particular on new configurations of character identity and point-of-view; cyber identity, and in particular, the performance of micro-identity in social media, chat-rooms, and blogs; political campaigns and political discourse; theatre, drama, and performance studies (excluding phenomenological approaches to the latter); irony, parody, and satire.

Please send 500-word abstracts and a 250-word bio (including institutional affiliation) to Craig N. Owens at craig.owens@drake.edu. Submissions will be considered as they arrive, and consideration will continue until May 1. Essays to be finalized by 1 March 2012.