Call for Reviews: Jadaliyya Ezine

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Jadaliyya Ezine
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Jadaliyya Ezine is launching an expanded Reviews section. We want this to be a place for commentary, debates, and exchanges on books, films, videos, art, theater, music, new media, conferences, protests, and events. Keep watching for updates in the weeks ahead. Please send reviews, queries, proposals, and suggestions to the Reviews Editor at

As part of this expansion, we're looking for submissions for the Reviews section:

* book reviews, including reviews of scholarly works, books aimed at mainstream audiences, novels, plays, poetry, reports from NGOs and human rights organizations, and special issues of journals and magazines; we are particularly interested in reviews of work published in languages other than English
* film and video reviews, especially reviews of recently released films and videos, but also reviews of unjustly neglected films and videos and reassessments of classic works
* reviews of theater works and performance pieces
* reviews of art exhibits and installations, especially ongoing shows
* music reviews, including reviews of recordings and performances
* reviews and reports on conferences, panels, protests/demonstrations, and events of interest
* reviews of websites, blogs, ezines, and other new media publications and resources

We are also seeking submissions for several new Reviews series:

* Reviews and Responses: dialogues between reviewers and authors — if you have recently published a book and would be interested in taking part in an e-roundtable with a reviewer, we would like to hear from you
* Reassessments: fresh takes on classic and canonical works — send us your suggestions
* Must-Reads: what are the five must-read books for readers seeking to understand Libya under Qaddafi, or the effects of neo-liberalism in the Middle East, or the nakba, or the history of the Muslim Brotherhood, or French influence in Tunisia, or the politics of oil (you get the idea) — send us your choices
* Influences: reflections on works that have had a formative influence on you — we are particularly interested in reflections from artists, creative writers, film and video makers, musicians, and performers

We want reviews that are lively and engaging; please avoid jargon, as Jadaliyya is read by a wide and diverse audience. Polemical pieces are very welcome. Reviews should ideally be 1,000-2,000 words. We love to receive reviews that incorporate links, imagery, and video clips. Contact