Comparative Media; PAMLA; November 5-6 2011; Scripps College, CA (Deadline March 25)

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Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association
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Special topic: Reconsidering Artificial Intelligence

After Watson the computer crushed its human opponents during a three-day ratings bonanza this February, the questions previously raised by Kasparov vs. Deep Blue and checkers vs. Chinook (as well as by the Turing test over half a century ago) have once again come to the forefront of public debate: are machines on the verge of taking over? What does it mean to be human (or posthuman) at the interface with AI? How do new AI mediations of the human redefine the relationships between personhood, technics, temporality, and culture?

In addition to general comparative media topics, this year's panel seeks proposals that examine all forms of artificial intelligence, offer new critical readings of AI's textual depictions, and respond to ontological, epistemological, and cultural concerns raised by AI. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to:
• Turing test/Loebner Prize
• AI in speculative fiction
• AI in TV/film
• Chat bots
• AI and gaming
• AI and popular culture
• AI and biomedia
• Hypertext

Submit proposals online at Include the following items in your proposal: paper title, approximately 500-word proposal, approximately 40-word abstract.
Deadline: March 25
Conference Date/Place:
November 5-6 2011
Scripps College, Claremont CA
Direct questions to: Michael Podolny at
Proposals must be submitted online at