The 8th annual Literature & Ecology Colloquium "Coastlines & Littoral Zones"

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Literature and Ecology Colloquium / Department of English, University of the Western Cape
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Southern African and African literatures are rich in representations and explorations of our extensive coastlines, their associated waters and denizens. Yet this zone and its symbolisms are thus far almost entirely absent from our literary critical studies. This colloquium seeks to begin to fill this gap. While the emphasis is on the Southern African region, coastal studies of other regions, especially with African and comparative perspectives, are welcome. "Literature" is to be regarded as including all genres, including non-fiction. The colloquium also seeks to draw in the scientific community, to begin an environmentally fruitful conversation between ecology, literature, and related disciplines.

The following topics are suggestions only:

The sea as presence and motif in Southern African literatures
Littoral zones and bioregional theory
Incoming and outgoing sea journeys as motif
Coastal journeys in early travel literature
The role of islands in our literatures
Adamastor revisited: Camoens to the present
Ships, shipwrecks and the ecology of shipwreck narratives
The beach and swimming as locale and metaphor
Fishing, fishermen and fishing literature
Littoral animals as presence and metaphor (both marine and landbased)
Seabirds as poetic motif
Littoral communities in literature
Estuaries as locale and metaphor in SA poetry and fiction
Coastal urbanisation and ports as presence and motif
Littoral zones and literary tourism
Littoral science, archaeology and ecology in and out of literature
The South African coast as integral to both the Atlantic seaboard and Indian Ocean littoral systems

Deadline for 250-word abstracts: 1 April, 2011.
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