Poetry in Motion (SAMLA 11/4-6; Deadline 6/1)

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Myrna Santos
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Paper proposals sought for a special session at the South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference to be held in Atlanta, 11/4-11/6/11.

Poetry is a lyrical, stylized, evocative form of writing that is intended to be more insightful and with deeper impact than the casual, everyday use of words. When someone describes an action as "poetry in motion," he/she means the activity has the same kind of fluidity, style, and grace, thereby arousing the same kind of sensations that poetry does when compared to ordinary movements. With the many elements necessary to comprehend the linguistic and cultural components of the complexities of poetic expression, using multi-cultural examples of poetry can move us in the direction of understanding the diversity of people interacting from different cultural backgrounds in everyday life situations. How can we, as educators, exercise our knowledge and creativity in a successful effort to ascertain a "poetry in motion" mind set in thought and deed among our native and non-native speakers; how can poetry be put in motion to achieve a deeper communication of our feelings and goals? This panel welcomes papers on all related topics. Please send by June 1 to Myrna Santos, ESLCARE@aol.com.