CFP: [Cultural-Historical] Empire

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Alicia Cox
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Contributors are invited to submit critical works that examine the
conjunctions/disjunctions between enactments and perceptions of empire from
antiquity to the present. Participants are not limited to issues
concerning national empires but are welcome to examine those of media,
corporate, and technological empires as well.

Potential topics include:

Diasporas and migrations: geographic, cultural, ideological, rhetorical,
technological, or other
Reverse colonization: of place, media, or technologies
Imperial borders and language: dominance, discrimination, acculturation,
Teaching/subverting imperial ideology: empire, education, and resistant
Media empires, rebellions, and collaborations
Home: migration, place, and identity
Constructing/constricting identities
Theories of empire: political, historical, erotic, and aesthetic
Networks of resistance: feminist, ecological, ethnic, technological, etc.
Dialectism and resistance: black English, red English, Chicanismo, and
linguistic minorities
Gender and migration, diasporas, and/or networks
Cosmopolitanism: world culture vs. local identity

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