[UPDATE] Technology and the Humanities

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Academic Exchange Quarterly

New educational technology provides both increasing pressure and exciting possibilities for teachers in the humanities. It has the power to absorb our time or free it, excite our students or alienate them. We are interested in publishing two types of articles on educational technology.
 Articles describing how educators are using
o smart classrooms
o bulletin boards
o PowerPoint
o web logs
o online photo archives
o oral history software
o school-wide systems like Blackboard
o or other technology to enhance traditional learning
 Articles that consider the theoretical, ethical, and budgetary impact of educational technology in all of its emerging forms.
Preference will be given to newer forms such as GIS, blogs and wikis, but all innovative uses of technology will be considered. In addition, experiments need not be wholly successful to be of interest -- when well-analyzed, unexpected results can add to our knowledge as well.

Who May Submit:
Submissions are welcome from teachers, professors, librarians, trainers, administrators, and graduate students who actively use computer-enhanced instruction, or who are in the process of adopting it. Please identify your submission with keyword: TECHNOLOGY-22

Submission deadline: Any time until the end of August 2011.
See details for other deadline options like early, regular, and short.
Early submission offers an opportunity to be considered for Editors' Choice

Submission Procedure: