"Re-Fashioning the Poetics of 'Post': Contemporary Poetry and Feminisms" MLA Special Session:March 25, 2011

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MLA 2012 Special Session
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MLA 2012 Special Sesson:
Call for Papers- "Re-Fashioning the Poetics of 'Post': Contemporary Poetry and Feminisms" View at http://www.mla.org/cfp_browse
or http://www.mla.org/conv_papers

Are we still postmodern? 'post'-feminist? How does poetics and feminisms intersect in contemporary poetry? Where is the debate now? How does theory/poetries perform 'us' now?

Claims of the "new" or a "new beginning" seem to often reference what has already begun in poetries and theory. With this in mind then, what does the "post" pre-fix indicate now? How will theory and poetry situate in a decade? As postmodernist? As post-postmodernist? What is next?

Given the recent spate of texts and articles on the current state of affairs in postmodernism, how might contemporary poetry and theory evolve in the next five to ten years. What conversations should we engage in to address the development and changes in contemporary poetry/theory especially in regards to postmodernism and postfeminism: what changes have occurred? where do we go from here?
Submit a 500-word abstract along with a brief bio to caderkso@ucalgary.ca. Due Date: March 25, 2011.