Travelling Identities, Saturday 18th June 2011

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Birkbeck College

The traveller is a liminal figure who, in transcending geographical boundaries, also challenges ideas of space and self.

Travelling Identities is an interdisciplinary symposium which considers the relationship between travel and identity through the examination of a broad range of historical periods, geographical areas and travel practices.

We welcome papers addressing – but not restricted to -- the following themes:
• Nomadism in the transnational age
• Travel writing and psychogeography
• Acculturation and cosmopolitanism
• Self-fashioning and the travelling subject
• Imaginative landscapes and the poetics of space
• The author as exile
• The backpacker and postcolonial 'baggage'
• Ex-centricity: travel and non-conformity
• The ethical traveller and eco-criticism
• Authenticity and the Western traveller
• Gendered travel practices
• The tourist, the traveller and class identity
• Postmodern travel and the uncanny
• Displaced persons: the migrant as traveller
• Borders, travellers and transgression

Please send an abstract of 200-250 words to or for April 10th. Papers should last approximately 15 minutes.