CFP Transmission - Poetry Across Borders (8/27/11-8/28/11, DEADLINE 5/30/11)

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Helsinki Poetics Conference

We invite proposals for papers, readings and other performances from scholars, writers and artists to be delivered in the 2011 Helsinki Poetics Conference.

The theme for the 2011 Helsinki Poetics Conference is "Transmission". Attendees of the Conference are invited to investigate the migration, translation, exile, expatriation, exportation and importation of literature(s) and authors across time and space, from the center to the periphery and back again, from one nation and language to another and from one generation to another, both globally and locally. How does literature travel across these temporal, linguistic, geographical and cultural borders? Is there such a thing as a local, national poetics in a time defined by the erosion of nation-states and the birth of a post-national, global identity? What is the place of poetics in the real political debates which nations and individuals are constantly facing in the form of immigration, refugees, exiles, freedom of speech and prisoners of conscience?

We welcome contributions from scholars, writers, publishers and literary activists or other artists engaged in these questions in one way or another. Presentations can utilize approaches in any relevant field, such as sociology of literature, translation studies, cultural studies, or literary theory and poetics; they can range from academic presentations to performances and readings or personal testimonials. We are especially keen on seeing any relevant concepts, works, authors, cultural formations and theories analyzed beyond the confines of the US and Europe. The length of the presentations will be 15 minutes with about 10 minutes for discussion per paper. The languages of the Conference are English, Finnish and Swedish.

The Helsinki Poetics Conference is an international and interdisciplinary conference for poets, writers, literary scholars and other interested professionals which takes place in Helsinki, Finland. The seventh annual conference will be held on 27–28 August, 2011. The conference is a part of the Helsinki Poetry Month, an international poetry festival organized by various Finnish cultural organizations in collaboration with the Helsinki Festival, the largest arts festival in Finland. The conference is organized by the poetry organization Nihil Interit in collaboration with the Finnish Literary Research Society.

Proposals (max. 500 words) are to be submitted to the organizing committee at

The deadline for paper proposals is 30.5.2011

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