A Call for Books and Reviews: Contemporary and Innovative Poetry, Poetics, and Prose

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ABOUTAWORD is an online writing and poetics publication whose recent contributors include or soon will include Kathy Fagan, Afaa Michael Weaver, 2011 National Book Award Winner Terrence Hayes, Dana Levin, Annie Finch, Douglas Kearney and Cynthia Hogue, among others. ABOUTAWORD publishes short author essays, all of which in some way celebrate traditional and non-traditional approaches to 'the word' and to 'text/s'.

For Fall/Spring 2011-2012, ABOUTAWORD welcomes reviews of recently published books, especially collections of literary and innovative poetry, short fiction, and debut novels. ABOUTAWORD welcomes the opportunity to review small press publications.

ABOUTWORD seeks reviews of publications released or to be released between January 2010 and April 2012, especially, but not limited to, the following titles:

Nickey Finny, Head Off & Split

Jonathan Lethem, Chronic City

Gerald Fleming, Night of Pure Breathing

Michael Burke, Music of the Spheres

Chris Martin, Becoming Weather

Robert Walser, Answer to an Inquiry

Aliki Barnstone, Bright Body

Alan Michael Parker, Whale Man

Matthew Roher, Destroyer and Preserver

Peter Richards, Helsinki

Ish Klein, Moving Day

C.D. Wright, One With Others

Arielle Guy,Three Geogaophies: A Milkmaid's Grimoire

*Please submit inquiries and reviews to aboutaword@gmail.com

*Include the genre or category of your submission in the subject line (poetry review, novel review, etc.)

*All submissions should follow MLA Book Review Style: http://citesource.trincoll.edu/mla/index.html

*If you are interested in submitting a book for review, please mail to:

Lara Lemley

c/o Ruth Ellen Kocher
Managing Editor, ABOUTAWORD
Associate Professor
Dept. of English. 226 UCB
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309