Games, Virtual Spaces, and New Media

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Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
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Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association

October 6-8, 2011 ~ Scottsdale, Arizona

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Submit an abstract of not more than 250 words to Session Chair, Glen Southergill (

The Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association is one of six regional Modern Language Association branches. The annual convention is dedicated to all elements of critical inquiry, teaching, and scholarship in languages, literature, and humanities.

Papers on any aspect of "knowing, doing, or making" Games, Virtual Worlds, and New Media are most welcome. Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

-Rhetoric(s), pedagogies, and/or philosophies of Games, Virtual Spaces, or New Media

-Ludology versus narratology (and that which falls outside or in-between)

-User experience design and play-testing

-Themes or topoi of virtual spaces

-"Text," space, and place in digital environments

-Visual rhetorics and cultures

-Aurality and sound culture in multimedia

-Digital literacies and electracies