Bram Stoker

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Trinity College Dublin
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Despite his vampire creation, Dracula, being world-famous, and in spite of the spate of academic studies of the novel in which he first appeared, Bram Stoker himself remains a figure shrouded in some darkness and his other writings are virtually unknown and ignored by those who actually have heard of him. A public conference, to be held in July 2012 at Trinity College, Stoker's alma mater in Dublin, where he was born and grew up, will attempt to address this large gap. The main aim of the conference will be to try to read Stoker in the round, expanding the critical focus away from an exclusive obsession with Dracula and taking account of the full extent of Stoker's writing. Moreover, it is a conference which will involve major international academics specialising in Bram Stoker, bringing them to Ireland with the aim of getting them to engage more fully with the world of Stoker's early years. The conference will be held in a year of activities to mark the centenary of Stoker's death. The conference will be a forum for both debate about Stoker's life, but also for bringing new research to peers and the public for the first time.
Hopefully, by taking in Stoker in the round, it will stimulate new research. The connection with Ireland will be fully examined, and Professor Roy Foster, one of the foremost historians of modern Ireland, will give the keynote lecture opening the conference and will set Stoker in his historical context.

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