Forms of settlement in Northern Africa: Continuity and Change, Students' Conference in Classical Studies 02

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Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Zentrum für Altertumswissenschaften, Institut für Klassische Archäologie, Arbeitskreis Studentisches Kolloquium, Marstallhof 4, 69117 Heidelberg/Germany

Forms of settlement in Northern Africa: Continuity and Change
Students' Conference in Classical Studies 02

In the course of studies throughout the past decades, the ancient city has become one of the dominating points of reference in research on antiquity, being an environment for living and a space of functions and interactions. The focus of classical disciplines on changes and continuities which were influenced by cultural contacts has also increasingly turned to cities and settlements of Northern Africa.

A diversity of cultural contacts – the Phoenician expansion and the establishment of Mauretanian-Numidian reigns, subsequently the Roman provincialisation, the influence of Christianity, the Vandal invasion and the Byzantine period up to the Arab conquest – created conditions that enabled highly heterogene urban structures to develop in North Africa, particularly suitable for studies on urban space. These special conditions let expect results which should prove the high compatibility of North African cities for general urban discourses throughout the ancient Mediterranean.

At the heart of this conference lie forms of settlement which reach from the Atlantic to the Cyrenaica, within a time frame from the Phoenician colonisation till the Arab conquest, and which shall be explored regarding change and continuity. In order to grasp connections beyond mere urban developments, contributions on epigraphic or numismatic evidence are most welcome. Further thematic areas would be desirable such as military and economic history or studies which look into the relation of cities and their surroundings.

The "Heidelberger Studierendenkolloquium 02" (Heidelberg Students' Conference) shall provide young scholars with the opportunity to present their research on Northern Africa to a wider audience. The participants are given an international forum of questions and approaches which arise during their own scientific work.

This call for paper aims at students of all classical disciplines who, in the course of their undergraduate thesis, graduate course or Ph.D. programme, work on settlements in Northern Africa. (Presentations can be given in German, English, French and Italian). You are asked to send an abstract of 300 words, five key-words on your presentation and a CV of no more than one page (pdf-format) before 31 May 2011 to the following email address:

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