The Syntax of Voice in Modernism (Modernist Studies Association/MSA 13, October 6-9, 2011, Buffalo, NY)

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Elizabeth Bonapfel / New York University

This panel seeks to explore the relationship between syntax and the category of "voice" in modernism. Recent scholarship on voice, including Mladen Dolar's book "The Voice and Nothing More," often complicates the Derridean distinction between writing and speech by arguing for a multiplicity of voices (musical voice, feminine voice, voice as object, interior voices, democratic voice, societal voice, authoritarian voice, hiccup, cough), a vocal variety that is particularly registered in the modernist period through innovative syntax. In particular, this panel welcomes papers that consider how grammatical, linguistic, extra-linguistic, and/or syntactical structures mediate "voice" in relation to other phenomena, whether as textually-mediated aesthetic strategies, including new forms of speech, authority, dialogue, consciousness, or musicality in literary texts, or in relation to the physical or phenomenological aspects of the voice.

Possible topics include:
- voice as a physical phenomenon in literature
- how voice registers a multiplicity of material, historical, or cultural situations and objects
- voice as "calling," interiority, or psychological modeling
- interplay between voice and visual strategies
- voice and narratology
- voice and the lyric "I"
- voice and authorship
- voice and the performative genre of "the reading"
- voice and recording

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