Early Modern Heritage On-Line

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Early Modern Society of Image and Text (EMIT Society)
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Organizer: Juan Pablo Gil-Osle, Arkansas State University

Institutions create websites to reach a broader public for their cultural and political commemorations of early modern landmarks. Some are rigorous and count on reliable information, others host partisan views of history and culture, some are shallow, others show scholarly depth, but all of them include images and texts that are reshaping knowledge of the early modern. There are numerous examples of this, for instance: the 2006 websites commemorating the centennial of Saint Francis of Xavier from the point of view of the political strife between Spanish, Basque and Navarrese nationalistic agendas; those concerning the arrival of the Portuguese-Spanish crew to Australia, and the Naming of Australia in 2006; the political transformation of the image of Columbus in the 1892 and 1992 celebrations of his "discovery" of the New World. Critical analyses of any websites and institutions creating similar products are welcome.