UPDATE: Contemporary Historical Fiction and Historiographic Theory 3 June 2011

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Maeve Tynan, Journal Editor

The Centre for Studies in Otherness (http://www.otherness.dk/) invites articles on the subject of Contemporary Historical Fiction and Historiographic Theory for its current e-journal issue Otherness: Essays and Studies 2.1, forthcoming in Autumn 2011.
Writing the past signals a rupture in the contemporary world, expressing a utopian desire for escape from an unsatisfactory present or a wish to illuminate the occurrence of past wrongs. From the nostalgic postmodernism of Neo-Victorian fiction to the political urgency of the postcolonial rewrite, novels that situate their diegetic world in past times reveal as much about the moment of inscription as they do about the specific historical period they wish to elucidate. This journal issue explores contemporary fictional attempts to render that 'other time' of the past and asks what is at stake in fictional representations of historical contexts. Insights from the field of New Historicism probe the borderline between history and fiction, recognising, in Montrose's formulation, 'the textuality of history, the historicity of texts.' In openly acknowledging a debt to both, mapping the location of the historical novel in relation to these distinct but related disciplines becomes an intriguing challenge for scholars.
Possible topics include:
• Genre analysis
• The history of the historical novel
• Rewriting and Writing Back
• Cultural othering in historical fiction
• Creating alternative worlds
• Intertextuality and bricolage
• Nostalgia and escapism
• The Neo-Victorian (Neo-Tudor, Neo-Edwardian etc.) novel
• Narrative and Historiographic theory
• Memory and trauma
Articles should be between 5,000 – 8,000 words and should adhere to Harvard Referencing guidelines. All electronic submissions should be sent via email with Word document attachment to Journal Issue Editor, Maeve Tynan at otherness.research@gmail.com
The deadline for submissions is Friday the 3rd of June 2011.