Men at Work, Men at Play (5/30/2011; MMLA 11/3-11/6, 2011; St. Louis, MO)

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Keith Wilhite
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This CFP is for the Permanent Section "Gender Studies: Male" at the 2011 M/MLA Convention in St. Louis, MO.

Topic: Men at Work, Men at Play

This panel calls for papers that address contemporary representations of men in the workplace or male camaraderie in American literature and popular culture. We're particularly interested in essays that explore the ways writers unsettle dominant notions of masculinity -- sexually, racially, domestically -- in contemporary fiction, film, or television. Feel free to interpret "the workplace" or the social spaces of camaraderie broadly.

Where do men "play" at being men? How have our contemporary representations of the postwar "organization man" evolved? To what extent have transformations in the workplace, rising unemployment, or the disappearing nuclear family offered new possibilities for defining manhood? In what ways has the post-9/11 era of endless war destabilized or re-affirmed our portrayals of "real men"? How have Civil Rights movements, feminism, gay liberation, and an emphasis on multiculturalism made room for "other" or "queer" masculinities in contemporary U.S. culture?

Please send 250 word abstracts by May 30 to Keith Wilhite,

Chair: Keith Wilhite, Siena College,