2012 Special Topic Issue of SAR: the Literature and Culture of South Asian Modernism

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South Asian Review
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The 2012 Special Topic Issue of SAR
The Literature and Culture of South Asian Modernism

South Asian Review, the refereed journal of the South Asian Literary Association, invites scholarly submissions for the 2012 Special Topic issue, Volume 33, Number 1, on The Literature and Culture of South Asian Modernism. By revamping all prior conventions of the arts such as idealism, realism, and naturalism, European modernism rewrote the artistic-literary project, and, from providing a fixed point of reference for a culture conceived in homogeneous terms, literature became a domain of active experimentation in which writers and artists exploded notions of unity, objectivity, and self-coherence. How did modernism impact South Asian colonial and postcolonial writers and artists? It is clear that, while three generations of westernized South Asian writers and artists have reproduced, in some ways, the elitist nature of the modernist movement itself ("high modernism"), this elitism has not neutralized modernism's inherent tendency to fragment and destabilize any unitary claims to truth, including the Truth of Empire. Accordingly, South Asian modernism need not be viewed as an apolitical aesthetic. It is the articulation of a difference—racial, ethnic, cultural, historical, gendered—that may reside at the very foundation of the colonial experience. Contributors may consider the following broad topics as they formulate their own specific topics:

• Modernism and Modernity
• Modernism and Postcoloniality
• Modernism and Postmodernism
• Modernism and Historicism
• Modernism and Feminism.

Contributors may also wish to address underrepresented authors and authors working in languages other than English.
Critical articles of 15-25 pages, prepared in accordance with the MLA style, along with an abstract of 8-10 lines and a biographical note of 50 words, should be sent electronically by 10 January 2012 to Alpana Sharma at alpana.sharma@wright.edu.
Inquiries regarding book reviews should be addressed to Professor P. S. Chauhan at chauhanp@arcadia,edu. For further information about the South Asian Review, please refer to the SAR website at: http://www.upj.pitt.edu/southasianreview.
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