Art and Crafts of Bankura

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The district of Bankura in West Bengal, facing the world with its arid and stony landscapes, is surprisingly a fertile ground of arts and crafts with a rich cultural heritage. It boasts of a musical tradition of high order with Bishnupur Gharana (school), beautiful original architecture and sculpture, stunning traditional crafts, exquisite textile products, folk art and a number of world famous artists. But at the same time, it is very sad to note that the present condition is a very depressing and languishing one. A holistic approach to the problems is urgently required to save and revive the traditions. In our next issue, a Special Issue on the Arts and Crafts of Bankura, we want explore these rich cultural traditions with a view to presenting a comprehensive critical and descriptive collection of articles, essays and reports, which we hope, would provide multidimensional perspectives to the interested persons, agencies and organizations for a better appreciation of the arts and crafts and for any action plan taken towards a revival. A bit of hope that inspires and encourage us to this direction is that we live in a new century which will surely show us some ways with its own kind of instrumentalities and technologies in networked condition.
With this, we seek descriptive and/or analytical writings along with surveys and interviews on the areas stated below. We are, however, open to suggestions for inclusion of any topic on the theme.
Architecture of Bankura
Sculpture of Bankura
Textile (Baluchari, Jamdani and Sonamukhi silk)
Metal Crafts (Dokra Metal, Bell Metal etc)
Traditional Handicrafts (terracotta, Dashabatar Tas, conch-shell crafts, wood crafts, bamboo crafts, Patochitro etc)
Folk Art/Craft
Crafts by Women (Alpona, Kantha, embroidery)
Great Artists from Bankura (Jamini Roy, Ramkinkar Beij)
Word-limit: Minimum 800 words and maximum 5000 words.
Images: copyright free images are essential. Minimum three images (800 pixels minimum on the largest side) required.
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Submission Deadline: June 30, 2011