Trespassing Nation 29 April 2011 Journal Article

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Trespassing Journal

he inaugural issue of Trespassing Journal focuses on trespassing the nation.
While the civil movements in Middle East react against the abuse of power, the
phenomenology of the nation-state and its authority still remains a contested
issue. Furthermore, with the globalized world economy and culture, and
with the unlimited coverage of digital media and Internet technologies, it has
become harder to define the limits and the boundaries of the national. In this
context, the relationship between art and the nation/national is an intriguing
juncture especially for the works of art that does not fit the national imagination.
What is at stake in producing art works that contest national ideologies in our
global world? How can works created within ethnic minorities offer formal
experiments in political and artistic expression? How do global media enable
the trespassing of the nation? From this perspective the inaugural issue of
Trespassing Journal creates an alternative intellectual ground where the national
is trespassed, negated, transformed, and mediated in order to reveal and
challenge the grand narrative of the nation.

Areas included but are not limited to:
- National/transnational/international art
- Art and Diaspora
- Art and Ethnicity
- Minority art
- Migration, Exile and Aesthetics
- Digital Art and its boundaries
- Art and the Global Visual Culture
- Art and Censorship
- Art and Politics
- Politics of Auteurship/Authorship
- Blogging
Trespassing Journal invites articles as well as book and film reviews,

interviews, and original artwork from academics, graduate students,
and artists. Prospective contributors should submit an abstract of
approximately 500 words and a resume by April 29th 2011.
Selected authors will be invited to submit full papers (8,000 to 12,000
words) according to the style guidelines. Acceptance of the abstract does
not guarantee publication, since all papers will be subject to double blind
Submissions are accepted in English.
Please contact the editors with any queries at