Hyper Sexual-Hyper Masculine? Call For Introduction CV Due by May 20th

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Co-Editors: Kamesha Spates, PhD and Brittany Slatton, PhD
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Co-Editors': Kamesha Spates, PhD & Brittany C. Slatton, PhD

Publisher: Paradigm Publishers
Publication Date: 2011



Fellow researchers are invited to write an introduction for an upcoming critical anthology titled Hyper Sexual-Hyper Masculine?: Deconstructing Identity Formation among Contemporary Black Men. This text provides a unique and interdisciplinary analysis of the intersections of masculinity and/or sexuality in the daily lives of black men. Many of the previous texts on men focus exclusively on the experiences of white men while others have provided very limited scholarly work on black men. This book closes a gap in the literature by assessing the intersecting complexities specific to black men in the 21st century.
The introduction should critically overview how the interplay of sexuality and masculinity shape the lives of diverse black men. We strongly encourage scholars well versed in men and masculinity and/or sexuality literature to submit a CV and a short biography of your scholarship and accomplishments.

The themes of the book:

1.Explore ways in which historical negative imageries and corresponding stereotypes are linked to contemporary images of black male masculinity and sexuality.

2.Ways in which social structure and societal expectations surrounding black male masculinity and sexuality operate as constraints and/or encumbrances in their daily lives, at both individual and societal levels. As well as how dehumanizing and mythological constructions and stereotypes of black men effects how black men form their sexual and "masculine" identities in society.

3.To what extent do black men of varying class backgrounds and sexual orientations negotiate and navigate their behaviors in an attempt to comply with societies expectations of "black" masculinity and sexuality.

4.In light of the historical essentialism of race and heterosexism in the struggle for black equality, this section analyses how black man in contemporary times perceive their oppressive conditions in comparison to black women's oppressive conditions. Additional discussions to include the role that black men play in oppressing black women.

5.Presents proactive ways in which black men contest societal attempts to demasculinize and curtail expressions of black masculinity and sexuality.

Submission Details:

Please forward an updated CV and a short biography to us by Friday May 20th 2011.

Materials should be submitted to the following email address: hypermasculine@yahoo.com
The subject line should read: Submission for Hypersexual Hypermasculine.

Please note that the introduction must be between 2,500-3,500 words.

Full electronic submissions will be expected no later than 5:00PM Friday July 15th 2011.