2012 CCCC Panel: Domestic and International Service Learning Initiatives and Internships Advancing Writing Pedagogy

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Lara Smith-Sitton, Georgia State University
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Service learning and internship experiences have a successful and established history in American higher education—particularly in literature and writing classrooms. John Dewey provided early theory. Vita Dutton Scudder, an early 20th-Century professor at Wellesley College implemented service learning projects in her literature and writing courses (see Julia Garbas) and the late 20th-Century work of Bruce Herzberg, Linda Adler-Kassner, Ellen Cushman, Thomas Deans, and others explores initiatives taking students beyond the walls of traditional classrooms to connect writing to community and develop civically-minded citizens. Yet while service learning and internship programs expand on college campuses, it can be challenging to find new ideas in theory, practice, and projects for writing students.

This panel will explore new ideas in service learning and experiential learning theory, projects, research, and frameworks that will serve the community of 21st-students.

This call for papers welcomes proposals that seek to consider pedagogical approaches that employ the use of service learning, internships, and experiential learning models—particularly in the composition, rhetoric, communications, or business and technical writing classroom. Possible topics might include:

Service learning theory and practice

Service learning projects in the writing classroom

Internship opportunities and structures advancing writing skills

Frameworks for service learning and internship success

Service learning in international and study abroad programs

Evaluations of the history service learning projects and research

If you have an interest in participating in this panel at CCCC in St. Louis (March 21-24, 2012), please send a brief CV and a 200-word proposal (including anticipated audiovisual needs) to Lara Smith-Sitton, Georgia State University (ljsmith@gsu.edu) by Saturday, April 30th. Informal inquiries prior to April 30th are welcome.