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Flee Immediately!

Flee Immediately!
A forum for new and critical ideas that explore, contest and perhaps even change ideas around 'Interactive Media' needs your submissions!

This publication sets out a forum in which different concepts, projects and mediums that fall into, fall away from and resist on the edge of these two widespread and often debated terms can come together. All too often, 'Interactive Media' gets stuck in a world of showy designs, Internet worlds, the latest technologies, and commercial applications. But we know there is a lot more to it than that, and this publication serves as a way to experiment within and between 'the more to it,' creating a framework to perceive 'Interactive Media' in new and critical ways. It's about publishing works, texts and forms that might or might not place themselves in the realm of 'interactive' and 'media' as often defined today, but that we feel still exist within the new critical ways that interactive media can take shape. Interactive Media—but this time without the limitations of an end point, without boundaries…and perhaps even doing away with the terms altogether…
Interpretation…? Contexts…? Experiments…?
This publication will not limit itself to strict edges. It will not be a black box that hides its own processes, wires and interlinking thoughts. It is about getting inside the black box. It is about interaction but not necessarily in showy ways. The interaction can happen before and not always within the finished work. Pen and paper can be seen just as valid as a technology as the newest mobile phone—it's the way it is thought about and explored that counts. And this us left up to you, but it always involves a critical eye on the way that technology, media and their surrounding ideas and elements relate to our cultural, political and social contexts. So forget 'Interactive' and 'Media' as you know it, its about a meeting upon the fold of different ideas and a mixing of various elements to create new relationships, ideas and thoughts. It's about interpretations, experimentations, contexts and so on...

And that's why we need you.
We are looking for your submissions to help fill this exciting new publication. The submissions can be in any form from texts and essays to drawings and film stills, not to mention everywhere in between. Whatever it is, I'm sure we can use it. Submit something old, submit something new, or even just a proposal. You may not have thought of it as 'interactive media' before but submit it anyway. This publication is about opening a forum to experiment within the realm of technology, media, art and ideas, to finally work around a critical framework that goes beyond limitations (or perhaps explores them) and allows for new possibilities and definitions.

Deadline: 10 May 2011
Please send your submissions to: fleeimmediately@gmail.com
You can address any questions to the same email. If interested, we can also send some examples and ideas of what we may be looking for, but we also do not want to create limits.

We look forward to your submissions!
Many Thanks,

The Creative Team,
Flee Immediately!