Diversions, Digressions, and Unusual Connections: New Media and Narrative Practice (6/3/11,MMLA 11/3-11/6/11 St Louis, MO)

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Kristine Kelly
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This panel considers the idea of the digital humanities especially with regard to how new media technologies and ideologies associated with the "information age" influence creative and critical practices. We might ask, what are the links or divergences between traditional forms of narrative and those which make use of virtual space, hypertext, and visual or auditory manipulation? Or as Lev Manovich asks in The Language of New Media, "What is unique about how new media objects create the illusion of reality, address the viewer, and represent space and time?" How can literary and cultural criticism engage with new media in innovative ways?

Papers that address these questions or that otherwise explore the links between narrative form (traditional, experimental, global or local, print or cinematic) and the structures underpinning new media are welcome. Multimedia presentations are, of course, encouraged.

Note: This panel is a proposed Special Session pending M/MLA Program Committee approval.

Please direct inquiries or submit a 250-word abstract to Kristine Kelly at knk@case.edu by June 3rd.