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Academic Exchange Quarterly
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Peer-reviewed print journal _Academic Exchange Quarterly_ currently seeks submissions from professors, community college instructors, and graduate students for an upcoming issue on teaching literature and culture. Deadline is November 30, 2011. For more information, please see below or visit our website:

This issue will focus on the theory and practice of teaching literature and culture. Our basic guiding question will be: How do we, as professors of literature, think about the relationship between literature and culture today? For many, literature is no longer seen or taught as an isolated discipline confined to the humanities. Similarly, culture is no longer seen as an all-inclusive phenomenon. This issue will discuss how the relationship between literature and culture is taught today, the benefits and limitations of integrating the study of literature and culture with other disciplines, and the affective and ethical issues involved in teaching and theorizing the relationship between literature and culture. Some questions you might consider:
• What are the most efficacious ways to introduce and teach the relationship between literature and culture?
• How do professors and students define and perceive the idea of “culture” in literature courses today?
• How do professors and students in other disciplines conceive of the relationship between literature and culture?
• How does literature convey and/or create culture?
• What is the role of literature in creating global culture?
• Other topic ideas related to literature and culture are welcome.

Who may submit:
Professors in academia who are interested in the relationship between literature and culture and graduate students who position themselves as emerging scholars (please see guidelines for graduate student submission). Submissions by international scholars are welcome to ensure a variety of topics in this issue. Please identify your submission with keyword: LITERATURE.

Submission deadline:
Regular submissions will be accepted through November 30, 2011. For “early” and “short” submissions, please observe the following deadlines.

Submission Procedure:
For more submission information, please visit our website.

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