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Trans-Portal: The Hub of Transformation Studies
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Trans-Portal is seeking scholarly articles, non-fiction essays, and hybrids of these on the subjects of the trans-personal, trans-cultural, and trans-national for a new online journal. Complete guidelines are available at www.transtudies.org

Within the rubric of the trans-personal is the trans-racial, the trans-gender, the trans-sexual, the trans-physical. Essays and articles in this section reconsider the notion of personal identity - how it is constructed, by whom, and to what purpose.

Beyond local expressions of culture, or rather inclusive of such local expressions; larger than genre; permeating borders that separate languages, art forms, and expressions, the trans-cultural does not seek to homogenize per se but to encompass original struggles against the truths of isolation and alone-ness. Essays and articles in this section enlarge what we think about "culture" and how it might point toward a more full consideration of human possibility.

The trans-national considers what occurs when notions of the "national" are breached or fall away. Radical in terms of "exceptionalist" politics, the trans-national argues that the "national" is an arbitrary artificial construct that is insufficient to contain the full expression of human potential. Essays and articles in this section consider the roots of the "national" against the development of global consciousness, however defined, and may include the economic and the political.

Query the Editor, Dr. Michael Broek, with proposals. Works accepted for publication should be between 3,000 and 5,000 for essays and 5,000-7,000 words for articles.