British Modernism in the Natural World panel, SAMLA conference (Nov. 4-6, 2011, Atlanta GA)

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South Atlantic Modern Language Association
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Studies of British modernism often tend to orient themselves around questions of urbanity, cosmopolitanism, and globalism, reflecting the shifting cultural and geographical location of Britishness in the twentieth century. But many novelists and poets continued to take inspiration from the natural environment of the British homeland, and this panel asks what alternative modernisms can emerge from their writing, and how they can contribute to current environmental and literary discourse. What is the role of spaces of retreat or repose in modernism, or the importance of the local and the rural? What is the dynamic between experimentation and conservation in the modernist aesthetic? In what ways does an environmental consciousness tie modernist writers back to the land of England itself? By June 9, 2011, please send 250- to 300-word abstracts to Erwin Rosinberg, Emory University, at