Gephyra 2011 : CFP for Classical Studies

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Akdeniz University - Research Centre for Ancient Mediterranean Languages and Cultures
Gephyra - a Journal of Ancient History and Culture on the Territory of Modern Turkey - is a new publication platform for articles from all fields of research into Asia Minor, insofar as they shed new light on the history and culture of this geographical and historical region. For this reason archaeological, epigraphic and numismatic contributions, commented and evaluated material presentations as well as historical reflections and essays are equally welcome. The programmatic title of this new journal (Gephyra = Greek for bridge) is a reminder of several bridges, both of existing ones and of new ones yet to be built with this journal between scholars in Turkey and those outside. With this publication series and its scholarly contributions we wish in particular to heighten consciousness of the fact that the so-called western culture has a good many roots in Asia Minor and that there are many cultural bridges from Asia Minor to the West which for both sides are worth renovating and intensifying in many respects. A Europe which is growing together must be founded on such cultural common ground and on intellectual exchange if it is to have depth and not to confine itself to superficial and rapidly changing economic egoisms. In this respect there cannot be too many bridges or publication media to underpin and highlight this affinity. Much more moderate is our wish that such a journal may build bridges between those scholars who live in Turkey and those who again and again come to this country as guests and are received in a friendly spirit. This journal is to strengthen and further promote century-old, tried-and-tested co-operation and the friendships grown from it. There is no alternative to this approach. We need all scholars who with their knowledge and energy are prepared to act as bridge-builders. Vast amounts of material await examination. The depots of museums are replete with objects waiting to be scientifically evaluated; tens of thousands of objects are yet to be discovered amongst ruins in both urban and rural areas. In the coming years many interdisciplinary questions are to be tackled and a good many syntheses should be attempted in order to put the wealth of material findings and publications to good use. They will highlight the deep-reaching and encompassing significance of these spiritual components and add the insights gained from them to the cultural awareness. The objective of Gephyra with its two publication organs, namely the periodically issued journal and its series of monographies, is to serve these goals. The journal accepts articles on the aforementioned subjects in German, English, French Italian and Turkish, each article being preceded by a brief summary in English and followed by a somewhat longer summary in Turkish (this can also be done by us). In addition, reviews of books are welcome.