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Babilónia - Revista Lusófona de Línguas, Culturas e Tradução

Call for Papers (no. 10/11 – 2011)

Dossier for the upcoming issue (no. 10/11) – The Sound of Silence

Organized by – ZlatkaTimenova-Valtcheva

Co-organized by – Luís Cláudio Ribeiro

Western societies, as defined by Greco-Roman philosophy and logocentrism, have traditionally considered fullness and emptiness, absence and presence, sound (in acoustics and verbal expression) and silence as in opposition and therefore mutually exclusive. However, with Judaic-Christian thought emerges the relationship between word and silence through the image of the "Spirit of God", and after St. Augustine,the human/divine language dichotomy.

From another perspective, we should highlight the permanent effort to extract sounds of articulate words from the silence of continuous thought. We can therefore affirm that there is no language without silence and no silence without language, just as in the physical world there is no sound without silence and there can be no silence without sound. Most importantly, however, silence has meaning, silence resonates: silence is eloquent.

The theme for this issue's dossier intends to have the sound of silence heard. Topics of interest include but are not limited to the following:

Silence in History: the subaltern voice
Sound and silence in literature and the arts
Silence and noise in communication
Silence in translation
The new sounds of technology
Silence and censorship in culture and politics
The silence of memory
Autobiography and silence
Cities and silence
Silence in psychoanalytic discourse
Important dates

Paper submission deadline extended: 26 June 2011.

Acceptance notification: 22 July 2011.

Instructions for authors

The papers sent for publication must be original and cannot be submitted to other journals, either national or international. All papers will be submitted to the Editorial Board or specialists in the area, for acceptance. As Babilónia is a peer-reviewed journal and for the blind review process to be effective, each paper should be accompanied by a separate cover page with the following information:

Institutional filiation
Abstract in two languages (300 word maximum each)
Keywords (4 to 6)
Bionote (250 word maximum)
E-mail address
All papers should have a maximum length of 20 – 25 pages (approximately 6,500 words), including bibliography and footnotes.

Papers may be submitted in Portuguese (according to the new orthographic accord), English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Babilónia has adopted the MLA guidelines for the bibliography, in-text citations, and footnotes:

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