KRISIS - Synapsis: European School for Comparative Studies, 4-11 Sept. 2011

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Synapsis, European School for Comparative Studies - Università di Bologna and Università di Siena (Italy)
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Synapsis is a one-week residential Summer School, jointly sponsored by the Universities of Bologna and Siena in cooperation with many European universities and organizations.
Programme includes: 10 lectures (1½ hr each; two lectures each morning from Monday to Friday); 6 seminars of ten to fourteen students (12 hrs each, split in five afternoon and one morning sessions); theatre workshop; film screenings in the evenings. Participants are also given the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired throughout the week to a research paper that may later be selected for publication.
Synapsis constitutes a wide international network of scholars and students that was established, maintained and enlarged throughout the twelve years from its foundation, and offers participants an opportunity for exchange and collaboration with several international academic institutions.

Synapsis 2011 will explore the concept of KRÍSIS.

Lectures and seminars by:
Silvia Albertazzi, Jan Baetens, Remo Ceserani, Matteo Colombi, Michele Cometa, Massimo Fusillo, Adalinda Gasparini, Flavio Gregori, Jacinto Lageira, Amara Lakhous, Federica Mazzara, Rita Monticelli, John Neubauer, Mauro Pala, Gian Piero Piretto, Enrico Reggiani, Catherine Spooner, Patrick Williams.
Theatre Workshop: directed by Laura Caretti.

Programme and information on application form and grants: www.unisi/synapsis
Deadline for applications: June 15th.
Venue: Castello di Bertinoro - Centro Residenziale Universitario (Bertinoro, FC, Italy)
Target group: Graduate students, PhD and Postdoctoral students.
Languages: English (main language), Italian, French, German.