CFP: Urban Culture Area, MAPACA, Nov. 3-5, 2011, Philadelphia, PA (June 15th, 2011, deadline for proposals)

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Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture/American Culture Association
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CFP: Urban Culture Area, MAPACA, 11/3-11/5/2011, Philadelphia, PA (June 15th, 2011, deadline for proposals)

As natural and man-made disasters continue to physically eradicate people and places around the world, questions of destruction, perseverance, resistance, and rebirth ring louder than ever. Can the city make it in such challenging times? Can citizens make it in such challenging times? And at what price, and to what end? Simultaneously, companies compete to release their latest technological wonders: Ipads, Blackberries, Smart Boards, Double-decker planes...wonders that eradicate physical distances. We are all LinkedIn and friended by countless others on Facebook. Does it not matter where and how we live physically anymore because of our addiction to the non-place of virtual existence? This year, we want to pay attention to what happens post-city, when the city is gone or no longer matters, due to both physical disasters and technological inventions. Now, more than ever, we wonder, what is a city? How and why does a city come to be, continue to be, and cease to be? And what happens to the urban self, in the face of economic, geographic, social, technological change? As in previous years, please send your proposals about these and related issues to the Urban Culture Area of MAPACA. Historical or ethnographic studies of public sites and events, poetic accounts of personal geographies through cities, and explorations of highly orchestrated or surprisingly improvised events in designated areas in the city are welcome, as are studies of particular cities. If interested in participating in a workshop on "writing the urban," in addition to presenting a paper, please, indicate so. June 15th, 2011 is the deadline by which you can send your virus free proposals and short recent bios to Dr. Blagovesta Momchedjikova, This year, the Mid-Atlantic Popular Culture/American Culture Association meets from November 3rd till November 5th, 2011, in Philadelphia, PA. For further information, check