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Andrew O'Day
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I am editing a collection of essays on the Steven Moffat/Matt Smith era of Doctor Who titled Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour. The book is under contract with I.B. Tauris and will be published in November 2013 to coincide with the programme's 50th anniversary. A further slot has become available with the working title 'Monsters under the bed'. This chapter should provide close readings of the fairy tale, gothic elements in Moffat's Who and situate them in relation to the larger context of the programme and in relation to British children's television, addressing the issue of whether Moffat's Who is for children/adults/both. More specifically, I would like the chapter to investigate the presence of children and of the idea of 'growing up' in Moffat's Who (e.g. from 'The Girl in the Fireplace' and 'The Eleventh Hour'), at meta-references to fairytales, at ideas of horror found in children's domestic spaces (e.g. the emphasis on Amy Pond's house and the crack in the wall in Amy Pond's bedroom), as well as other locations (e.g. in 'The Time of Angels'/'Flesh and Stone'). The chapter could also probe the idea of narratives set in the dark. The chapter should begin by looking at Moffat's own scripted narratives and then proceed to show how other writers for Moffat's Who deal with horror and fantasy elements (e.g. Simon Nye in 'Amy's Choice' and Neil Gaiman in 'The Doctor's Wife'). If anyone is interested in tackling this 6,000 to 7,000 word chapter, could they email me to express their interest and give me academic details of themselves at by June 25 2011 at the very latest. The subject heading should read 'ELEVENTH HOUR'. A deadline for the first draft of the chapter will then be negotiated.