[Update] Short fiction - Nature (deadline 1 Sept. 2011)

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Nature's World (the environment): Short Stories (fiction). There is a fine line to be drawn here: we do not need Emerson or Thoreau redux. That is, we are not interested in so-called nature writing per se – that has been done and re-done. We do not need science fiction (apocalyptic stories about dinosaurs or doomsday). We do not need disaster stories (that focus on devastating storms). We are primarily interested in stories that deal with the changing climate in terms of how these changes affect people, families, communities (environmentally, ecologically, politically, historically, socially). Character, therefore, will be an important component of stories we select. We are looking for stories of character: how the human character has elicited changes in the environment and now how such a character will deal with such changes. The response of an individual to the force of humankind. The story possibilities, we believe, are limitless, but we are truly looking only for fiction that helps us understand where we (the human population – individually and collectively) are going from where we are now, with an emphasis on the change (if any) in human character. [Call subject to change/modification.] Deadline (subject to change): 1 September 2011. Information and Full Call/Guidelines at www.ebibliotekos.com publisher@ebibliotekos.com Look for our classified in the July/August Poets & Writers