Viral Communications and Multimedia of the Eighteenth Century (Abstracts due by September 15)

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ASECS (Panel sponsored by Graduate Student Caucus)
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This panel seeks to explore and understand the ways in which eighteenth-century media were produced, popularized, and preserved over time. Participants are asked to speculate on how and why certain texts, works, or histories endure in popular memory; such an examination might also clarify how and why certain media were more popular (or why certain texts were received more eagerly) than others. Some questions to consider: In what genres and forms were early viral communications presented? How did eighteenth-century media events affect contemporaneous consumer markets? What social conditions of the century allowed the proliferation of multimedia? How was media consumption in the eighteenth century like or unlike that today? To what extent have eighteenth-century media events influenced our present notions of the era's cultural, literary, political, or social histories? Presenters on this panel might address any number of media crucial to the fields of eighteenth-century studies in disciplines such as art history, critical race theory, gender studies, history, British or American literature, or theater studies.

Panel open to graduate students and junior faculty. Please submit abstracts to Katharine Zimolzak ( no later than September 15.