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The Beautiful Eater
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The Beautiful Eater is accepting personal essays, poetry and recipes from women who seek authenticity, liberation, and purpose through food. The Beautiful Eater is a woman who constantly strives for the fine balance between her emotional and physical wants and needs for her health, her family, her community—and most importantly—her taste for life. We're looking for women who are on a journey towards being an authentic, conscious eater, a spiritual eater, a political eater, a compassionate and shrewd food citizen, but most of all, can envision herself as a Beautiful Eater. Beautiful Eaters may have overcome or still struggle with eating disorders, chronic diseases, allergies, emotional eating, yo-yo dieting or any number of issues that involve food. The woman who eats beautifully may or may not follow a strict regimen or doctrine. In certain circles, she might even be considered a "radical eater," but to her, food makes life beautiful!

The categories for The Beautiful Eater include (but are not limited to):
Finding Inner Beauty Through Food
Healing Through Food
Your Spiritual Connection With Food
Eating With Intention
The Art of Eating Alone
Orthorexia (Obsessive healthy eating)
Cultural Eating (How your culture or ethnicity effects how and what you eat)
Creative Cooking
The Intelligent Eater
Emotional Eating
Binge/Compulsive Eating, Bulimia and Anorexia
Living with Food Allergies, Sensitivities, Diabetes and Digestion-Related Diseases
Eating For Two: The Relationship Between Food and Fertility
Your Experience With Fasting
Women Farmers
Food and Intimacy
Eating and Identity
Defining True Hunger

We want to hear your food story and get your favorite healthy recipes for this groundbreaking anthology! Please submit your personal beautiful eating experiences (poetry and/or prose up to 2,500 words max) and one to five of your most beautiful recipes. Please include a 100 word bio.
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For more information and to submit your work and recipes BY JULY 1, 2011, visit or email

Meet The Beautiful Eater Editorial Team:

TONYA CHERIE HEGAMIN, M.F.A. is the award-winning author of Most Loved In All The World, M+O 4EVR and Pemba's Song; she is also an Instructor and Creative Writing Coordinator at CUNY Medgar Evers College. Having struggled with food allergies since birth, compulsive eating since she was 15, and being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 30, Tonya has always sought authenticity through food and cooking. Her dream is to help others gain self-awareness and self-worth through healthy eating. Her website is:

NICOLE DIDIO JOHNSON, M.F.A., H.H.C., AADP is a certified Holistic Health Coach and Quantum Energy Transformation™ practitioner. In private practice, individual coaching, group workshops, corporate programs and on, Nicole has guided hundreds to optimize health through food and lifestyle transformation. She focuses on eating foods we love, creative self-care, and releasing ourselves from emotional eating and habits that no longer serve us. Nicole specializes in weight loss, stress-reduction, alleviation of food intolerance and allergies, and awakening joy through unleashing personal power.

MARGOT DOUAIHY, M.A., is a writer, editor, and has been a passionate vegan for eleven years. She teaches literature at Marywood University in Pennsylvania, and is a certified Hot Yoga Teacher and Practitioner of Medical Qigong—the cultivation of vital energy (qi) in the body.