CFP: Architecture and Desire (5/25/07, SAMLA, 11/9/07-11/11/07)

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Paul Young
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CFP: "Sensual Spaces: Architecture and Desire" (5/25/07, SAMLA

I am seeking 15-minute papers for an interdisciplinary panel examines
the confluence of "space" or architecture and desire in literature,
art, and film.

What is the relationship between eroticized sites, such as the
bedroom, the boudoir, the private cabinet, and the body's experience
of sensual pleasure? How can space serve as a Derridean
"supplément," and what does this dynamic suggest about the body's
limits, weakness, or failings? Why do certain films (Bertolucci's
The Dreamers, for example) rely upon labyrinthine and ambiguous
spaces, and what do these spaces suggest about desire's unknowable
nature? This panel welcomes papers that explore the confluence of
space and desire, or that investigate artist's use of space to
suggest, stimulate, or even restrict desire. Explorations of unusual
spaces, such as the ruin, the peep-show, haunted spaces, spaces of
confinement, and fetishized spaces are all welcome, as are
explorations of the role of the visual in relationship to desire.

Proposals must be received by May 25, presenters must become SAMLA
members before the conference.
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