Journal of Gender and Justice , deadline for submission: 25th august,2011

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Centre for women's Studies and Development, Banaras Hindu University,varanasi, India
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Journal of Gender and Justice

Journal of Gender and Justice invites contributors to consider broad themes such as women's roles in society, history, philosophy, and religion; gender and the media; women and work; gender, race and class; international development; gender and sexuality; women and politics; women and literature; gender and language; women and social change; women and the family; and gender and the arts.
Gender Justice, simply put, refers to equality between the sexes. It is a correlation of social, economic, political, environmental, cultural and educational factors; these preconditions need to be satisfied for achieving gender justice. Globally, gender justice as a cause has gained in strength over the years, as it has been realized that no state can truly progress if half of its population is held back.
The journal will seek to assess women's roles as depicted across disciplines and which impact our understanding of society and history and our actions, past and present, within local and global communities.
Also this journal encourages ventures to incorporate gender perspective into reading/teaching/research/and everyday understanding that would not only broaden the scope of disciplines but also of the initiatives taken in the field of social justice.
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